Restretching and Repairs FAQ

When do I need this service?

When your carpet starts to buckle and wrinkle you will need to have your carpets re-stretched.

What is restretching?

Carpet re-stretching can get rid of dangerous and unsightly curls and pockets in your carpet that leave it laying unevenly across your floor.

How/Why do these issues occur?

These issues are typically caused by things such as excess moisture, and large objects being dragged across the carpet. It can also be due to problems at installation, such as using an incompatible underpad.

What are the benefits of this service?

Carpet stretching will get rid of any issues caused by buckling. If carpets are allowed to remain wrinkled the problem could potentially become worse, and when you do decide to get your carpet re-stretched it would be less effective. Attempting to re-stretch yourself can also lead to further damage of the fibers and have a negative effect.

Why should I get this done with your company?

Our experience and care. The main reason for a carpet needing restretching is from poor installation. Using a knee kicker to install will look ok, until 13 months later, most of the time. Since you get a 12 month warranty you are not covered when issues start to arise. A power stretcher that goes all the way across the room and braces off of the base board to help grip the carpet and get it tight and secure it is the best, most long-lasting option. I have and use this on all stretching jobs to make sure it is the last time you will have this issue.

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